Valentine’s Day? Pfft. I’m waiting for Halloween...

Many, many, many women expect a lot on big the V-day and they should! Roses. Poetry. Chocolate. Diamonds. Chocolate diamonds. Don’t get me wrong, if my guy went all out and bought me pretty plants and shiny rocks, I’d take them gladly, and I’d say thank you with a smile and give him some oral.

But I expect a lot more every Halloween so I try not to get greedy.

Where Valentine’s Day is one day in February, Halloween is an entire month of celebration. And I require (okay, I ask nicely then glare) that he dress up for each and every event I want to go to. I love dressing up in costume and acting a decadent fool. I have an entire closet full of costumes since I never throw or give them away (I spend too much $ and effort putting them together). Not once has he ever complained about my quaint obsession with Halloween parties and the holiday in general. He’s been a pirate, an angel, a Russian boxer, an 80’s DJ, a caveman, a vampire, a Highlander and on and on. Last year, we went to six parties. That…was a bit much, but bless him for doing each and every one.

He mostly does this because it makes me happy, and we always have fun. I’m lucky to have a guy who is willing to dress up in whatever I envision year after year, as I know most guys would just groan and reject. So. When Valentine’s Day comes around, I smile at my neighbor’s monstrous bouquet on her Instagram, and I cast a dreamy sigh at the additional diamond my friend’s husband added to her wedding set.

But, gimme a haunted house party and a martini with a fake floating spider instead.