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Mystery, an endangered species

Technology is a mystery killer. As nifty as it can be for convenience and just plain FUN, I have to say it's taking off the veil of everything. If you're in my generation (X) or earlier, then you definitely remember when cords were attached to walls and how you had to manuever your 20 ft. phone cord down the hall and into the bathroom/closet/bedroom so you could talk to THE boy. His mom  always  answered first and you were mortified to ask if he was home, but oh how awesome was it to talk for 3 hours about nothing in the closet while your Dad is calling for you for dinner. When Caller ID came along, OhMYGod, it was like, magic. But then whoever you were calling would see who it is...and they could decide not to be home. You never knew! You also didn't know where your latest crush was, what he was doing, who he was hanging out with at that very moment because there was  no such thing  as a social network other than sitting in the commons at school. If a boy liked you and

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